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SAP UI5 (SAP user interface for HTML 5)

Category: SAP Training

SAP UI5 (SAP user interface for HTML 5)

SAP UI5 is a complete set of UI technology and libraries to be used by the web developers while developing desktop as well as mobile friendly apps. Developers can easily develop these SAP apps with the help of the SAP UI5 JavaScript toolkit and application of HTML5 web development standards. We have smart trainers at our institute to provide these skills to our students. 

To undergo this SAP Training the candidate should some prior knowledge to any SAP module. SAP offers different tools to use for enhancing the user experience for creation of the app having rich user interfaces. These can be used for web business applications. Some general tools included are- Theme designer, NWBC and Side panelNWBC and Side Panel, FPM screens, SAP UI5 development tools. 

There are many versions of SAP UI5 providing new features, enhancement as well as platform support-

  • SAP UI5 1.26
  • SAP UI5 1.28
  • SAP UI5 1.30
  • SAP UI5 1.32
  • SAP UI5 1.34
  • SAP UI5 1.36
  • SAP UI5 1.38 

SAP UI5 has many web browser support like Google, Firefox, etc. It has various components that are independent as well as reusable in UI5 application. The user can form various components under SAP UI5 development stage.