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SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)

Category: SAP Training

SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)

We at SuncinTech, one of the best SAP training institutes at Noida provide you the insights of SAP ABAP. It is mainly used as a programming language for those applications that are in the development mode. Our trained staff helps you learn to use the program for SAP R/3 system.  Being a programming language ABAP runs in SAP ABAP runtime environment and it is used for the development of application programs. Its main programs are – reports, module pool programming, interfaces, forms, data coversions, user exits & BADI.  The SAP training in SAP ABAP has ABAP Workbench to learn as follows-

ABAP Workbench

It is used for the development of standard as well as custom application software. The ABAP workbench is additionally used to create dictionary objects. It comprises of the following components- ABAP editor, ABAP dictionary, Repository Browser, Menu Painter, Screen Painter, Repository Information system, Test and analysis tools, Function builder, Data modeler, and Workbench organizer.

Our SAP ABAP training course content

ABAP Workbench
  • Package Builder
  • Object Navigator
  • Overview of Workbench
  • Repository Objects
ABAP Dictionary
  • Database Tables
  • Views
  • Data Type
  • Type Group
  • Domain
  • Search Help
User defined Non-Elementary data type
  • Field string
  • Field groups
  • Field Symbols
ABAP Database Access
  • Open SQL
  • Native SQL
Internal Tables
  • Without Leader Line
  • With Header Line
  • With Header Line-Required Fields
  • Type of Internal Tables
  • Lock Objects
Basic Programming
  • Data Types in ABAP Editor
  • String functions
  • Date Functions
  • Arithmetic Functions
  • System Fields
  • Icons
  • Symbols
  • Color
  • Hotspots
Selection Screens
  • Parameters
  • Select-options
  • Comments
  • Blocks
  • Tabs
Work Area
  • Impicit Work Area
  • Expicit Work Area
Control Statements
  • Conditional Statements
  • Branching Statements
  • Looping Statements
  • Source Code
  • Include
  • Macro
  • Procedure
  • Subroutne
  • Classic Reports
  • Standard Reports
  • LDB (Logical Database)
  • Interactive Reports
  • ALV (ABAP List Viewer)
  • Drill Down Reports
Developer Tool
  • ADAP/A Deugu
  • ADVP/A Runtime
  • SQL Trace
  • Performance Tuning
Global Memory
  • SAP Global Memory
  • ABAP Memory