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SAP Training Courses and Fee Detail

SAP Training Courses and Fee Detail

  • SAP HANA  (S/4 HANA Simple Finance)
  • SAP ABAP  (Advanced Business Application Programming)
  • SAP FI        (Financial Accounting)
  • SAP CO      (Controlling)
  • SAP HR      (Human Resources)
  • SAP CRM   (Customer Relationship Management)
  • SAP BASIS (Business Application Software Integration System)
  • SAP MM     (Material Management)
  • SAP BI       (Business Intelligence)
  • SAP SD     (Sales & Distribution)
  • SAP HCM  (Human Capital Management)
  • SAP UI5    (SAP User Interface for HTML5)
  • SAP PP     (Production Planning)
SAP HANA (High Performance Analytic Appliance)-
SAP HANA primarily does the work of storing and retrieving data that is demanded by any application. It is basically a column oriented RDBMS that works within memory. Additionally, it helps-
  • Predictive analytics
  • Spatial data processing
  • Text analytics
  • Text search
  • Streaming analytics
  • Graph data processing
At SuncinTech we train every professional in every module according to the growing competition in the industry. 
SAP ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming)-
We at SuncinTech, one of the best SAP training institute at Noida  provide you the insights of SAP ABAP. It is mainly used as a programming language for those applications that are in the development mode. Our trained staff helps you learn to use the program for SAP R/3 system. QERW
SAP FICO (Financial Accounting and Controlling)-
SAP FICO is known as Financial accounting and controlling and it is one the most important SAP modules. This is basically used for enterprise resource planning (ERP) data storation purpose. The data can be extracted from any of the financial transactions of the organization. We help you to easily absorb the best and easy  way of using this module with the help of different types of training material.
SAP HR (Human Resource)-
SAP HR can also be known as Human Resource Management System or Human Capital Management. It falls into one of the important SAP modules. We develop the skills to learn how its important modules work with the integration of HR functions from as employee hiring to its leaving the organization.
The important modules are-
  1. Organizational management
  2. Personnel management
  3. Time management
  4. Payroll
  5. Personal development
SAP CRM (Customer Relationship Management)
SAP CRM is known as Customer Relationship Management that helps in customer relationship management and provides access to the needy user. Why not join the best SAP Training Institute at Noida to learn one of the most important SAP CRM modules. We provide the best training to the needy candidates interested to learn SAP modules at our one the best SAP training institutes. 
SAP Basis (Business Application Software Integrated Solution)
The SAP Basis module is used to efficiently administrate the SAP system. It comprises of the interface and other components to be used like a dictionary for its data and user accounts and system administration processes. It is a complete integrated solution for SAP handling. It works as an intermediary to connect the application to the operating system and the database. To learn this module one should possess the basic SAP knowledge. 
SAP MM (Material Management)
Being an important SAP module it helps the user in the procurement process and other inventory management functions which occur in the daily business transactions. The important elements of this are purchasing, material receiving and storage, inventory, etc. It has its integration with other SAP modules also. You can go for this course by just joining SAP Training Noida.
SAP BI (Business Intelligence)
Here in this module SAP BI does the work of sorting, analyzing and reporting of the data extracted from multiple data sources. All this type of data comes from the SAP BW (Business Warehouse) that performs the function of data integration, transformation, consolidation and storing the data in the last. It is a broad concept, to learn it, join our one of the fine SAP Training Institute at Noida.
SAP SD (Sales and Distribution)
SAP SD module covers and manages all the activities from receiving orders and delivering the consignment to the customer. It is used to manage all these transactions as well as it integrates with the other important SAP modules. The important elements of this module contain pre sales, receiving & managing orders, delivery, billing & transportation etc. 
SAP HCM (Human Capital Management)
We provide the complete training material of SAP HCM here at our SAP Training Institute because it is a crucial module to learn. The base of efficient human resource management lies inside it. It covers all the human resource activities from hiring of an employee to its exit from the organization. The major components of this module  are Personnel Administration, Organizational Management, Payroll etc. 
SAP UI5 (SAP user interface for HTML 5)
SAP UI5 is a complete set of UI technology and libraries to be used by the web developers while developing desktop as well as mobile friendly apps. Developers can easily develop these SAP apps with the help of the SAP UI5 JavaScript toolkit and application of HTML5 web development standards. We have smart trainers at our institute to provide these skills to our students. 
SAP PP (Production Planning)
It is one of the necessary SAP modules to learn. It is mainly used to manage the production planning process using SAP. The important components are Material Requirement Planning, Bills of Material, Automatic Material Requisition, and Capacity Planning. Our SAP Training Institute in Noida helps you easily attain the necessary SAP modules knowledge to gain excellence in your professional career. 
What Makes our SAP Training Program more Prominent than others?
Our professional & trained educators groom our students with necessary SAP skills to achieve excellence in their professional career. We have more than 7 years of experience in providing training to our students in relevant fields. We have trained more than 600 students so far with strong theoretical as well as practical knowledge. With all our training and skills provided to the students, they are successfully serving the top reputed multinational companies around the globe.
Our SAP Training Courses Time Duration:
We invite our students to come and join us at our SAP Training Institute as we have many options for our students. We have full time classes as well as we provide online training and consulting. The course time duration may vary with respect to the course applied for. 
We provide classroom, corporate, campus & online training option for our students.
SAP Training Courses Fee Structure:

Below is the current fee structure for our SAP Modules such as:

  • SAP FI Module Training Fees         25K for Comolete course
  • SAP CO Module Training Fees       25K for Comolete course
  • SAP ABAP Module Training Fees   25K for Comolete course
  • SAP HR Module Training Fees       25K for Comolete course
  • SAP CRM Module Training Fees     25K for Comolete course
  • SAP Basis Module Training Fees    25K for Comolete course
  • SAP MM Module Training Fees       25K for Comolete course
  • SAP BI Module Training Fees          25K for Comolete course
  • SAP SD Module Training Fees        25K for Comolete course
  • SAP HCM Module Training Fees      25K for Comolete course
  • SAP UI5 Module Training Fees        25K for Comolete course
  • SAP PP Module Training Fees         25K for Comolete course
  • S/4 HANA Module Training Fees      75K for Comolete course